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Help RASP Make Her Student Loan Payments


Hey people! Remember how I do that writing thing? Want your very own rasp write to call your own? (Also, want to help me avoid financial insolvency and keep pace with my student loan payments?)

Well, you’re in luck, because I’m opening up slots for commissions.

It’s simple: I will write for any pairing in any fandom. If I don’t know your fandom, I’ll learn it! I’ve done that before, with some pretty nice results. My only caveats are that I will not write non-con smuttiness. Don’t want ship!fic? That’s wonderful too! Just tell me what you’d like to see, and I will write it for you. Got OCs, fairy tales, or comic book characters you’d like to see doing specific things (or each other)? Amazing; let me at ‘em.

Pricing will be very simple: $1 will get you 50 words. After you hit $30, I’ll double my word count. To be a little more clear:

$1 = 50 words
$5 = 250 words
$10 = 500 words
$20 = 1,000 words

After you hit that $30 mark, you get more fic for your buck:
$30 = 3,000 words
$35 = 3,500 words

My limit will be 5,000 words ($50).

Here’s how it’s gonna go down: I’m opening up four, count ‘em, four slots for commissions.

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open

Once those four slots are filled, I’ll close commissions until they are all completed.

Want to get in on that action? Simply send me a non-anonymous ask with your request, and how long you’d like the fic to be. If your request is accepted, I’ll respond with my PayPal email address. Apologies, but I will require payment in advance – simply email me proof that you have sent the appropriate amount of money, and I will match it up with my PayPal activity, and get to work on your fic!

Don’t just like or reblog this. Commission her!!! Don’t you ever think, “Gee I wish there was a fanfic about these people doing this together”? What better way to make that happen?!


@darbypea and I met Leslie Hall at Cedar Valley Pride

Hahaha! We had so much fun.


@darbypea and I met Leslie Hall at Cedar Valley Pride

Hahaha! We had so much fun.


Arizona Muse
by Mark Segal
VOGUE PARIS August 2014

(1) Zadig&Voltaire (2) Maje
(3) Guess Jeans, boots Jean Paul Gaultier
(4) Tommy Hilfiger, top Uniqlo
(5) Isabel Marant, bomber Sandro, boots Diesel